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Census of Canada, 1986: Focus data

Principal investigator: Statistics Canada

Distributor: Statistics Canada

Original dissemination medium: 1986 census profile cd-rom

File format: comma-delimited files

Restrictions on access: Restricted to University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and York University IP addresses. For academic research and teaching purposes only.

Note: Enumeration area level data are currently only available on the 1986 census profile cd-rom, a stand-alone application in the Map & Data Library. Please contact MDL for access.


  Census tract level Census subdivision level
Private Households with Population of Selected Age/Sex Categories (8) by Household Income (2) ct_foc_01.csv csd_foc_01.csv
Private Households according to Tenure (2) and Household Income (2) ct_foc_02.csv csd_foc_02.csv
Census Families (2) with Children 0-6, Showing Family Income (2) or Labour Force Activity (5) of Parent ct_foc_03.csv csd_foc_03.csv
Population Aged 55 and Over in Private Households, Showing Income (3), Labour Force Status (2), and Official Language (4) ct_foc_04.csv csd_foc_04.csv
Non-institutional Population, Showing Employment Equity-Defined Visible Minority (2) ct_foc_05.csv csd_foc_05.csv
Non-institutional Disabled Population, Showing Age Groups (6) ct_foc_06.csv csd_foc_06.csv
Personal Income by Source (5) as a Percentage of Total Income ct_foc_07.csv csd_foc_07.csv

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