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Census of Canada, 1996: Profile series

Note 1: Profile series at the FSA (Forward sortation area) and EA (enumeration area) levels of geography are designated 'restricted use' by Statistics Canada, and are restricted to use by faculty, students and staff of University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and York University (and other members of Data Liberation Initiative member institutions), for research and teaching purposes only. All other users should contact Statistics Canada.

Note 2: Profile series at the CMA, CD, CSD, CT, and FED levels of geography are designated 'public use' by Statistics Canada. They are, however, only to be made available, according to the terms of the Statistics Canada Limited Use Data Product Agreement, to walk-in users of the Library.

Note 3: Files designated as Beyond 20/20 4.2 format require the Beyond 20/20 browser version 4.2 or later, available at: <> for display. Note that this version of the browser is restricted to use by University of Toronto faculty, students and staff, for research and teaching purposes only.

Suggested citation:

Canada. Statistics Canada. Census of Canada, 1996: profile of [geographic level] [STC number] [computer file]. Ottawa, Ont.: Statistics Canada [producer and distributor], [date of release] (Series title)


Canada. Statistics Canada. Census of Canada, 1996: profile of census tracts - CMA Toronto subset . (95F0183XDB) [computer file]. Ottawa, Ont.: Statistics Canada [producer and distributor], Aug. 12, 1998 (Profile series)

  Public use Restricted to Ryerson,
York & U Toronto only
  Geographic level
  Census metropolitan
area (CMA)/
Census agglomeration (CA)

Canada, provinces, territories, census divisions (CD) & census subdivisions (CSD)
Census metropolitan area(CMA)/census agglomeration (CA) & census tract (CT)
Canada, provinces, territories, federal electoral district (FED)
(1996 Representation Order)
Public health units Canada, federal electoral districts (FED)
(1987 Representation Order),
enumeration area (EA)
Forward sortation area (FSA)
Postal code (6-digit)
WWW accessible:
Html, PDF, etc.   E-stat
Statistical profile of
Canadian communities

Note: 71 characteristics, Unrestricted access.
CT level
Federal electoral district profile - unrestricted access
Restricted access:
FED level
Province level
STC community profiles EA level   Available in E-stat
B2020 4.2 format [CMA/CA]
Note: n=180.
Subset of CDs: cdpr1to9.ivt
CD and CSD file: prcumcsd.ivt
CMA Toronto subset
  East (13Mb)
Quebec (32Mb)
Ontario (46Mb)
Toronto subset
West (44Mb)
Fixed field format files[Contact U of T/ MDL for access to data]
ASCII format [CMA/CA]
SPSS commands
SPSS commands
Subset of CDs
[CSV format]
CSD level files:
SPSS commands
SAS commands
SAS/Win commands
SPSS commands
SPSS commands
SAS commands
SPSS commands
SPSS commands
If the above files are too large, or take too long to load, consider using one of the substantive subfiles below.
Part 1: age & sex & families data: population 1991 & 1996, land area, population by sex and age groups, legal marital status, census families by structure, lone-parent families by sex of parent, never-married sons and/or daughters, persons in private households, persons 65 and over, occupied private dwellings by structure, households by household size.
B2020 4.1 CMAPR1.IVT
Note: n=665.
pr1_1410.ivt CTPR1.IVT PR1FED.IVT   East,
Part 2: immigration & citizenship (20% data): citizenship, place of birth, immigrants by country of birth, period of immigration, age at immigration.
B2020 4.1 PR2CMA.IVT
Note: n=180.
pr2_0411.ivt PR2CT.IVT PR2FED.IVT   East,
Part 3: mother tongue, home language, & knowledge of official languages (20% data): mother tongue, knowledge of official languages, first official language spoken, home language, knowledge of non-official languages.
B2020 4.1 CMAP3R.IVT
Note: n=180.
Part 4: aboriginal population by type of response (3), and major single response categories.
B2020 4.1 pr4cma.ivt
Note: n=180.
(B2020 4.1)
pr4ct.ivt pr4fed.ivt   PR4EA.IVT fsapr4.ivt  
Part 5: ethnic origin by type of response (3).
B2020 4.1 pr5cma.ivt
Note: n=180.
(B2020 4.1)
PR5CT.IVT pr5fed.ivt   PR5EA.IVT pr5fsa.ivt  
Part 6: labour market activities, occupation and industry, household activities, place of work and mode of transportation.
B2020 4.1 pr6cma.ivt
Note: n=180.
PR6_1703.IVT PR6CT.IVT PR6FED.IVT   PR6EA.IVT pr6fsa.ivt  
Part 7: education, mobility and migration.
B2020 4.1 pr7cma.ivt
Note: n=180.
PR7_1404.IVT PR7CT.IVT pr7fed.ivt   PR7EA.IVT fsapr7.ivt  
Part 8: sources of income, family and household income.
B2020 4.1 pr8cma.ivt
Note: n=180.
PR8_1205.IVT pr8ct.ivt pr8fed.ivt   pr8ea.ivt pr8fsa.ivt  
Part 9: families: social & economic, occupied private dwellings, and housing costs.
B2020 4.1 pr9cma.ivt
Note: n=180.
PR9_0906.IVT pr9ct.ivt pr9fed.ivt   pr9ea.ivt pr9fsa.ivt  

Footnote 1: The cumulative file and sub-files parts 2 through 9 of the CMA/CA level census profiles contain 180 census metropolitan areas (CMAs) and census agglomerations (CAs) only. Subfile part 1, however, contains 665 census metropolitan areas, census tracted census agglomerations, and census subdivisions.

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