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National Household Survey (NHS), 2011

Between May and August 2011, Statistics Canada conducted the National Household Survey (NHS) for the first time. This voluntary, self-administered survey was introduced as a replacement for the long census questionnaire, more widely known as Census Form 2B.
The National Household Survey (NHS) is not a census product.



Questionnaires and user guides

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CHASS ingested NHS Profile data into SDA.  Through this interface, users can manipulate the data and download subsets in CSV or DBF file formats:

Coefficients of Variation (CVs)

The CV of an estimate is the ratio of the standard error of the estimate and the estimate itself, expressed as a percentage. The CV is used to give an indication of the uncertainty associated with the estimates. Coefficients of variation are available for selected variables for Canada, provinces and territories. Downloadable files CSV [87 kb] | TAB [77 kb]