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Census of Canada, 1971

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General documentation Dictionary of the 1971 census terms (STC cat. 12-540)
Catalogue of print census products
Comparative table of Canadian census questions since Confederation
Census geography Commonly used geographic codes
  Population and housing research memoranda:
PH-Geog-2* The census geographic code: hierarchy and documentation

Aggregate statistics

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Profile Series Profile files contain aggregate statistics in the form of the number of responses (i.e., univariate frequencies) to each question on the two census questionnaires (short form or 2A, and long form or 2B), by small levels of geography (census tracts and enumeration areas.)
Census tract-level profile file. Also available as print products.
Basic summary tabulations These files contain aggregate statistics consisting of approximately 1000 cross-tabulations of two or more variables (i.e., multivariate distributions), at small levels of geography, enumeration area (EA), census tract (CT), census agglomerate(CA) and muncipality.


Public use sample tapes Microdata files, containing anonymized samples of long-form (2B) responses. Geographic identifiers are for very high levels of geography (provinces and selected CMAs) only.

Spatial and Geographic Reference Files

Spatial Data Files Vector boundary files allow GIS applications and mapping.
Geographic Reference Files Geographic reference files include allow the identification of geographic areas by geostatistical codes.
Reference Maps Print reference maps display the boundaries and codes of standard geographic areas.

Profile Files - CMA Toronto

  1. Census Tract Level:
    1. Record Layout
    2. SPSS Command File
    3. Frequencies
    4. Contact Data Library Service for access.
  2. Enumeration Area Level:
    1. Record Layout
    2. SPSS Command File
    3. Frequencies
    4. Contact Data Library Service for access.

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Reference products

  • Official list [HA 741.5 1971 .A4816 1971 DATA-REF]
    • Series-1, Part 1a Atlantic provinces
    • Series-1, Part 1b Quebec
    • Series-1, Part 1c Ontario
    • Series-1, Part 1d Western provinces
    • Series-1, Part 2 Census tracts
    • Series-1, Part 3 Census agglomerations
    • Series-1, Part 4a Area aggregate official list: Atlantic provinces
    • Series-1, Part 4b Area aggregate official list: Quebec
    • Series-1, Part 4c Area aggregate official list: Ontario
    • Series-1, Part 4d Area aggregate official list: Western provinces

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