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Census of Canada, 1976

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General documentation Catalogue of print census products
Comparative table of Canadian census questions since Confederation
Census geography Commonly used geographic codes

Aggregate statistics

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Profile files Univariate frequencies for all census variables. Available as print products only. Urban/rural areas: 94-129 & 94-130; census tracts: 95-800 to 95-856.
Basic summary tabulations These files contain aggregate statistics consisting of approximately 150 cross-tabulations of two or more variables (i.e., multivariate distributions), at small levels of geography- enumeration area (EA), census tract (CT), census division and census subdivision.


Public use sample tapes Microdata files, containing anonymized samples of long-form (2B) responses. Geographic identifiers are for very high levels of geography (provinces and selected CMAs) only.

Spatial and Geographic Reference Files

Spatial Data Files No spatial data files specific to the 1976 census are currently available. Use 1971 files where appropriate.
Geographic Reference Files Several geographic reference files have been developed to serve a variety of purposes in the manipulation of census data. Geographic and reference files include: Enumeration Area correspondence file, Geography tape file, Enumeration Area centroid file, and Street network files.
Reference maps Print maps showing standard geostatistical area boundaries.