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Census of Canada, 1981

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General documentation Census dictionary
List of Print Products [These print publications should be available in any Depository Library Collection in Canada.]
Comparative table of Canadian census questions since Confederation
Census geography Commonly used geographic codes
Glossary of census geographic terms, English-French

Aggregate statistics

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Profile Files Profile files contain aggregate statistics in the form of the number of responses (i.e., univariate frequencies) to each question on the two census questionnaires (short form or 2A, and long form or 2B), by small levels of geography (census tracts and enumeration areas.)
Basic summary tabulations:

enumeration area (EA) level
census tract (CT) level
census subdivision (CSD) level
special series
Native peoples survey

These files contain aggregate statistics consisting of approximately 1000 cross-tabulations of two or more variables (i.e., multivariate distributions), at small levels of geography, enumeration areas (EA), census tracts (CT), and census subdivisions (CSD). Additional special series are available for sub-areas of census metropolitan areas. Each table deals with a specific characteristic of the Canadian population either as individuals or in their family or household relations, or with a characteristic of Canadian dwellings. The BSTs include information on the following areas: cultural, demographic, dwelling, economic, families, household, and income, ethnic origin, immigration, income.


Public use sample tapes Microdata files, containing anonymized samples of long-form (2B) responses. Geographic identifiers are for very high levels of geography (provinces and selected CMAs) only.

Spatial and Geographic Reference Files

Spatial Data files Spatial files enable the production of maps as well as spatially-based analyses (GIS) applications.
Geographic reference files Include: Enumeration Area correspondence file, Geography attribute file, Postal code conversion file, Place name master file, and Street network files.
Reference maps Provide quick reference support to quickly locate an area and its components, etc.
Thematic maps Metropolitan atlas series (STC cat. 99-921 to 99-930. Print only)