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Map and Data Library Computer Lab

The Map and Data Library lab has 20 computers available for teaching, general use by students when the lab is not used for teaching, as well as for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) use and statistical analyses for numeric datasets.

Lab Location

5-053 Robarts Library (outside the Map and Data Library reference area across from the public elevator)

Lab Schedule

Unless a class is scheduled in the lab, the computers in the lab are open for use by the University of Toronto community any time the Robarts Library is open (Regular hours).

Statistical Software

Reference Area

  • SPSS 23 (all workstations)
  • SAS 9.4 (all workstations)
  • Stata IC 11 (all workstations; supports 2000 variables)
  • Stata SE 11 (one workstation; supports over 32,000 variables)
  • StatTransfer 10 (all workstations)
  • R (all workstations)
  • NVIVO 10 (all workstations)
  • PDF2XL Enterprise (one workstation; hooked up to flatbed scanner)

MDL Computer Lab

  • SPSS 23 (all workstations)
  • SAS 9.4 (all workstations)
  • Stata IC 14 (all workstations)
  • R (all workstations)
  • R Studio (all workstations)
  • GGobi (all workstations)

Note: For version 11 of Stata, manuals are embedded in the help menu as PDFs within the application. Older manuals are available for library-use only.